Expert services to support your CF34-3, CF34-10, CFM56-3, CFM56-5A/5B and CFM56-7B Type Engines

  • On-wing support fo CFM-56
  • CFM-56 On-Wing Support

On-wing Services

On Demand – On Time – On Budget

Daily engine flight performance tracking with OEM software.

Real-time exceedance/alert monitoring & notification.

Regular engine trend reports with technical analysis.

Follow-up advice and/or assessment of ECM shifts/exceedances.

On call technical advice for engine operational problems.

Technical work card generation.

Best combined with ECM support.

Engine Borescope Inspections (BSI)

HPC Blade Boroblends.

Engine LRU and QEC inventory checks.

LRU component replacement: Fan Blades, Fan Disk, Fuel Nozzles, MEC/MFC

Top Case repairs.

Onsite NDT inspection (FPI & ECI)

CAMO Technical Support

Deliver efficiency – Justify Costs

Maintenance strategy advice & cost forecasting.

Maintenance agreement RFP tendering and contract negotiation.

Engine Time On Wing (TOW) and shop visit scheduling.

Engine Shop Visits preparation & work scope creation.

Engine Shop Visit Management (including table inspections, work scope control & invoice reviews).

Airworthiness Directive (AD) & Service Bulletin (SB) effectivity review, compliance advice/work cards and status reporting.

Engine Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) documents preparation for C checks.

Part M, CAMO and Maintenance Policy advice.

Engine installation / Change control and reporting.

Engine Time On-Wing (TOW) planning reports.

Aircraft & Engine Utilisation reports.

LLP use tracking and status reporting.

LLP On and Off sheets (for CofA/SV prep/Purchase/Sale)

Technical witness for insurance audits.

Engine pre-purchase and sale valuations.

Engine records review and data pack compilation

Return lease compliance checks.

Fleet transition & Engine selection advice.

  • CFM56 Engine Supply
  • Engine Sales & Leasing

Engine Supply & Leasing

Professionally delivered engine solutions

Powerplants expertly engineered for on-wing performance.

Competitive pricing and value for money.

Professional and efficient transaction processing

Secure and attractive investment returns.

Tax efficient contract agreements.

Results-driven team of experts.

Flexible lease options tailored to your needs

Short and medium term contracts at competitive pricing

Simplified lease processing and re-delivery