Expert services to support your CFM56-3 and CFM56-7B Type Engines

  • CFM56 Engine Supply

Engine Leasing & Sales

Professionally delivered engine solutions

Flexible lease options tailored to your needs

Short and medium term contracts at competitive pricing

Simplified lease processing and re-delivery

Powerplants expertly engineered for on-wing performance.

Competitive pricing and value for money.

Professional and efficient transaction processing

Secure and attractive investment returns.

Tax efficient contract agreements.

Results-driven team of experts.

Engine Technical Services

Deliver efficiency – Justify Costs

Maintenance strategy advice & cost forecasting.

Maintenance agreement RFP tendering and contract negotiation.

Engine Time On Wing (TOW) and shop visit scheduling.

Engine Shop Visits preparation & work scope creation.

Engine Shop Visit Management (including table inspections, work scope control & invoice reviews).

Daily engine flight performance tracking with OEM software.

Real-tie exceedance/alert monitoring & notification.

Regular engine trend reports with technical analysis.

Airworthiness Directive (AD) & Service Bulletin (SB) effectivity review, compliance advice/work cards and status reporting.

Engine Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) documents preparation for C checks.

Part M, CAMO and Maintenance Policy advice.

Engine installation / Change control and reporting.

Engine Time On-Wing (TOW) planning reports.

Aircraft & Engine Utilisation reports.

LLP use tracking and status reporting.

LLP On and Off sheets (for CofA/SV prep/Purchase/Sale)

Technical witness for insurance audits.

Engine pre-purchase and sale valuations.

Engine records review and data pack compilation

Return lease compliance checks.

Fleet transition & Engine selection advice.

  • On-wing support fo CFM-56