Engine Sales Listings

Our company policy is to deliver CFM56-3 engines that operate efficiently on-wing without operational downtime and that complete their cycle remaining potential. To achieve this, we work scope and put our engines through core performance maintenance to ensure that the engines are fully restored to optimum performance standards. As such, our clients always obtain value-for-money and peace-of-mind.

Please Contact: commercial@aeolus-engineservices.com or call our sales team at +353 1 8219095 for a full quotation and engine data details.

Current Stock of Available CFM56-3 Engines 

Engine Type: CFM56-3C1 ESN 857871

  • Engine Total Time (Flight Hours) – 46,540

  • Engine Total Cycles (Flight Cycles) – 43,677

  • Cycles Remaining – 1,283 CR (CAT A & B), 1,095 CR (CAT C)

  • Sale Condition – Repaired. Fully AD and SB compliant.

  • EGT Margin: 34 ˚C  EGMT @ 23,500 Lbs thrust (CAT C) at test cell.

  • Availability: Immediate

Engine Type: CFM56-3C1 ESN 725591

  • Engine Total Time (Flight Hours) – 66,982

  • Engine Total Cycles (Flight Cycles) – 41,715

  • Cycles Remaining – 1,258 CR (CAT A, B & C)

  • Sale Condition – Serviceable

  • Availability: June 2021

Engine Type: CFM56-3C1 ESN 858474

  • Engine Total Time (Flight Hours) – 38,745

  • Engine Total Cycles (Flight Cycles) – 47,226

  • Cycles Remaining – 1,632 CR (CAT A) 1,422 CR (CAT B) & 1,386 (CAT C)

  • Sale Condition – Repaired.

  • EGT Margin: 30 degrees Celsius at 22,000Lbs thrust (MPA)

  • Availability: Immediate

    *Engine under management


  • All engines are offered for sale post completion of shop visit (SV) core restoration repair or full overhaul with guaranteed test cell EGT Margin and 3000 Flight Hour / 18 Months warranty.

  • All engines will be inducted for SV upon execution of a Letter of Intent to purchase.

  • All engines will be delivered with full engine records and back to birth traceability.

  • All engines are offered with full Quick Engine Change (QEC) Kits, except thrust reverser and engine cowl.