Aeolus Engine Services - CFM56 Specialist

Aeolus Engine Services – CFM56 Specialist

Serving aerospace with expertise!

Established in July 2000, Aeolus Engine Services is a provider of expert technical services and powerplant solutions to airlines and commercial aircraft owners worldwide.  Specialising in CFM56-3 / -5 / -7B and CF34-3 / -10 type engines, we deliver ‘value-for-money’ support through the following services: Engine Condition Monitoring; On-wing inspections and repairs; Engine Shop Visit Management; Airworthiness Compliance processing; Used engine leasing and trading.

  • On-Wing Services

  • CAMO Technical Support

  • Engine Supply and Leasing

Worldwide Support for the following engine types

CFM56-3 Engines
CFM56-7B Engines
CF34-3 Engines
CF34-10 Engines